AIR: The Musical


     As the credits rolled at the end of Jeremy Osbern’s feature film Air, I looked at my wife  and said “Wow, that was not only a good indie film, it made me feel good.” ...
     “Air” is an original musical, at once a romantic comedy and a drama as it tracks three ordinary folks who feel out of place in the world. Not pandering to stereotypes, Osbern and co-writer Blunk frame a middle-age African-American falling for a lonely soul in a country western bar. Lovely without being saccharine, Granvile O’Neal and Brenda Harvey sing and dance in Osbern’s (another triple or quadruple threat) excellent cinematography, which never misses a beat the entire film....

     Ian Stark and Megan Carter meet in a head-on collision. Not the most auspicious start to unlocking one’s heart, but if Air drives home one point, it’s that it doesn’t matter how you get there, just get there. Dylan Hilpman and Jennifer Coville are young lovers who get lost amid the pitfalls of youth (Oh! Ambition!) as he looks for the perfect song, blind to the fact it was at his elbow the whole time.
     All the performances are heartfelt and the dramatic moments come with pounds. I was amazed at how good they looked on screen (my LA moment-sue me) But all the tech savvy, beautiful people, and camera tricks in the world don’t amount to a hill of beans if the story does not have honest, universal, emotional chops. Seek this one out. It’s good stuff from Kansas.

-- Jerry Brewington, Hollywood Is Talking

Air Car Crash

     Before I even start, let me just say that I'm not ordinarily a fan of musicals. Yes, I've seen more than my fair share, everything from Oklahoma to Flashdance to Elvis' movies, but I can't honestly say that any of them ever numbered among my favorites. Well, a new indie musical from Kansas, AIR, may not only have changed my mind about musicals, but might actually make the list of one of my favorite movies!

     AIR follows three couples, each facing their own romantic issues, the first couple is a struggling musician and his girlfriend, the second is an office manager who's wife left him and a waitress who's been widowed and the third is a young couple who met during a traffic accident. Each couple is at a different stage in their relationship, the first having been together for a while and are becoming a bit stale, the second dealing with loss and grief in different ways and just meeting, and the third trying to get a relationship off the ground. Now, while this might sound like a 'chick flick' to you...and in many ways it is, it's the music that keeps the story moving in unique ways. Ordinarily a movie musical drags out Cole Porter or Steven Sondheim and everyone dances in unison and the world becomes a happy place for the duration of the song, while, in AIR, the music forwards the plot while telling you about what the character is feeling at the time. All the acting is very good, but it's the songs (and dance numbers) that really convey the emotions going on. And it's not "Broadway" music, this is music that will remind of you groups from The Beach Boys to The Beatles to Pink Floyd! This may be one of the only indie movies I've seen that I'd actually love to have the soundtrack to!

     Jeremy Osbern has put together a movie that you'll really enjoy, the story moves along, the characters are all engaging and, yes, even a jaded bad movie guy, like me, was rooting for the young couple to get together at the end! And the music by Steve Unruh compliments the images and story so perfectly that it's one of the best indie musicals I’ve ever seen! Usually, when an indie filmmaker moves into territory like this, the final product is a bit weak, but AIR is the only musical I can remember enjoying...IN MY LIFE!!

-- Brian Morton, Rogue Cinema


A musical is a rather daunting task for a first film, but Blunk and Osbern pulled it off perfectly. Through their artistic vision displayed in their innovative camera angles combined with the simple, but beautiful score, Blunk and Osbern told a refreshing tale. AIR mainly focuses on the story of six people who feel lost , as if they are nothing more than a spirit floating in the air, but as their paths cross and each person finds love, they finally feel alive and part of the world...

We can all probably see a little bit of ourselves represented in the awkwardness of these romances, the passion of these songs and the chaos
in the world around the characters. There are so many details to pay attention to that this is something you’ll find yourself wanting to watch again and again.

-- Bethany Smith, popreckoning

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