AIR: The Musical

      There is a rhythm to life, but what happens when that song has left you behind?  AIR: the musical is the story of six lost people trying to find that rhythm again.  Original songs wind through this tale of old regrets and new loves, as fragile couples discover the hidden melody in themselves and in each other.  From symphony performances to rock concerts, from the honky-tonks to the city streets, AIR: the musical shows there is harmony in even the most unexpected places.

AIR: the musical

directed by
Jeremy Osbern

written and produced by
Christopher Blunk
Jeremy Osbern

music and songs by
Steve Unruh

cinematography by
Jeremy Osbern

edited by
Mark von Schlemmer

production design by
Misti Boland

unit production manager
Stephen Deaver

AIR Poster

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